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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

 Lansweeper’s latest product launch is more than just an upgrade; it’s a foundational shift in preparing your IT operations for the next generation of asset management technologies. The following product improvements were discussed during the launch event, and you can find more information in the links provided:

New! Lansweeper Discovery (In Preview) 

Our advanced technology redefines asset discovery by integrating all your IT and OT assets, including those from public clouds. It meticulously catalogs them into a single unified inventory. This holistic view eliminates silos between on-premises and cloud environments, streamlining asset and user management, and optimizes resources. 

To learn more:  

Enhanced Risk Insights 

Picture2.pngRisk Insights has several improvements to help you manage IT risk more effectively. It will help IT teams prioritize mitigation plans according to affected products and whether the vulnerability has already been exploited. It lists vulnerabilities,  related patches, and tools to focus on the most immediate threats. This release also adds vulnerability insights for your OT assets.  

Learn all about the new Risk Insights features here. 


Increased User Visibility

Picture3.pngPowered by Active Directory, our user inventory provides complete visibility of users. This feature offers better control over assets through easily searchable access to user details and new tools to manage the relationships between users and assets. 

Learn more about User Data Visibility here.



Additional Enhancements 

We've improved OT visibility and diagramming capabilities. We’re also adding more integrations, including new partnerships with Automox, ThreatAware, Licenseware, and more. 

  • Read all about our integrations here.
  • OT visibility improvements can be found here.
  • More information about our latest diagramming features can be found here.

Let us know what you’ve tried here in this feedback thread: 

🚀 Lansweeper Summer Product Launch – Ask Your Q... - Lansweeper Community - 74964

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