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Engaged Sweeper II
As it currently is, I have to slightly adjust the IP ranges in order to do more than one scan a day.

I'd love to be able to set a subnet in and have it scan it say every hour, since our remote users connct via VPN and get an office mode IP, once a day isn't enough since we have many offsite users that connect briefly.

I'm aware I could use task manager on the machines and push it up, but this method is much easier to do without having to jump through a bunch of other hoops.
Champion Sweeper
(a brute force approach)

We have scripted something to this effect by taking a given ip range and then calling the rescan URL for each address in the range.

...:81/rescan.aspx?type=3&scantarget=<ip address>&scanserver=<server hostname>

queuing scans for a number of ip ranges every 2 hours
Lansweeper Alumni
We have added this feature request to our customer wish list.