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Resolved! Email Template Tags

Are these the only tags to use in a template? Nothing with dates, ticket title, ticket description?[useremail][userid][username][ticketid][state][tickettype][agentemail][agentid][agentname]

sullivane by Champion Sweeper III
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Nested tickets

Would like to be able to have a main ticket and then attach tickets to it. For instance if you have a ticket where multiple divisions of IT need to work on a ticket. But each one needs to be able to get credit for the ticket.

craehsler by Engaged Sweeper II
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Deployment monitor

Would be great to see some type of screen that showed the status and queue of deployment actions. Things like "what's scheduled", "what's in queue right now", "what succeeded recently", "what failed recently", etc. Just a thought.

DaveinJP by Engaged Sweeper III
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Copy/Duplicate steps option inside package deployment

Similar to "Copy Package" option under the deployment when creating packages, would be nice to have "Copy Step" so you can just copy particular step and modify whatever you need to instead recreating from scratch or working multiple screen to copy an...

PeterJG by Champion Sweeper II
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OSX System Profiler data -> CSV Import Template?

Hi all;In the absence of an OSX offline agent, I'm looking at picking up the task of exporting system_profiler data and then attempting to bash it around in a database and then import it via Lansweeper's CSV import templates. Has anyone attempted thi...

CMD by Engaged Sweeper
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Software: Report Installed By

Hello,I've had a look on the forums and don't see this topic on the report requests or questions...I need a software report to list WHO INSTALLED (administrator) software on an asset with a date and time, all I can find is the username logged into th...

Web Services Management (WS-man)

Web service management is a cross-platform tool that can be used to work with Mac, Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD systems. It is a relative mature standard with very few tools available to manage the clients, although there are many clients to choose fr...

tomyerex by Engaged Sweeper
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