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Engaged Sweeper
Where I work, our accounts are just normal users so we have separate admin accounts. So non of the actions work unless you copy the cmd line stuff from the website, open command prompt as an administrator and then paste the action cmd line stuff in. It would be nice if lansweeper could basically do all that. I know I could modify the actions like so "runas /user:UserName "shutdown -s -m \\{smartname}", but that would require people to know the domain admin password.
Lansweeper Alumni
Not all actions require administrative privileges on the target machine. For the ones that do, you'll either need to run your browser as a different user or (as you indicated) add runas to your action path under Configuration\Asset Pages. Several customers have requested that we add the ability to run actions under your scanning credentials for instance, but we do not have a release date for this feature at this time.

For some things, like shutting down a computer for instance, you could use a deployment package instead. You can choose which user account (system account, scanning credential, currently logged on user) to run a deployment package under. More info on creating and running packages can be found in this section of our knowledge base.