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Engaged Sweeper III

Where I work we have a large number of desktop exe installations of eClinicalWorks to manage.

I have reports and deployments to share if anyone else is interested. It is really in depth on getting it set up, so I don't want to waste my breath if no one needs it.



Engaged Sweeper III

@Zonty  It just clicked in my mind, did they finally release a MSI/EXE install for V12 ecw?

Engaged Sweeper

I actually just upgraded from v11e to v12 this last Friday and had to do a deployment removal of all the old clients and pushed out new deployment of the latest MSI to all our computers on the domain.  While our eCW is cloud based, in the next 3 weeks we will be installing a local/on premise test server for our EHR specialist to train providers and other clinical staff along with new hires.

I am though interested in what reports and deployments you have to share!  

Engaged Sweeper III

I wrote a very lengthy post on what I have for ECW.... for some reason it is currently marked as spam (i just saved it)

EMR software: eClinicalWorks - Reports and Deploym... - Lansweeper Community - 69178

Engaged Sweeper II

Give a read and it is just awesome. Got my answer. Thank you for posting.