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Champion Sweeper
I would LOVE to see checkboxes next to assets that are returned in reports, much like the checkboxes that you get back if you simply click on "Assets". Personally I would use this for deploying to a subset of a report, but there could be any number of uses.
Engaged Sweeper

Agreed. Any chance it has been addedin the last 8 years?

Engaged Sweeper
YES, This desperately needed
Champion Sweeper II
I also would love for this to be implemented. It should be fairly simple to add.
Champion Sweeper
+1 for this

yes, I agree, if I have a report with a lot of assets often I need to filter only few of them to deploy a package and now I have to open every asset and deploy...
Engaged Sweeper II
Agreed. I would like to use this functionality to enable the bulk assignment of relations.

I have a group of users who manage some of our assets. I would like to be able to run a report and assign a user relation to all assets in the report.

Even when you go to an individual user and assign a relationship, it does not allow you to multi select assets. you have to add each relationship one by one.