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Column heading adjustment

It would be nice to be able to somehow adjust column headers and size. Being able to add or remove columns to include pertinent information such as last scan result or removing the location column.

Dennis by Engaged Sweeper II
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User Ticket search expansion

We get duplicated tickets all the time. Our users need to be able to search on ALL submitted tickets from All users, not just their own. This should be a user role something like: VIEW ONLY ALL TICKETS. Limiting to certain Teams would also come in ha...

Adding another priority section

Hi,Is there a way to add a fourth priority section in the Lansweeper web console? Currently there is a High Priority, Important and Informational section, as case 1, 2 or 3 respectively in the page it-reports. This seems linked to the configuration c...

pentel by Engaged Sweeper III
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Allow non agents to view submitted tickets

We would like the ability to allow non agents to view only tickets submitted by their department, specific assets, users etc. We have multiple department/divisions in our environment and it would be useful to some of the managers to see what tickets...

steveb by Champion Sweeper
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MDM Jamf School

It would be great if there was the possibility to import or sync assets from Jamf School MDM.Thanks,Eugene

schaefere by Engaged Sweeper
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Log WIFI networks

we want to report on users connecting to 3rd party ap'sI cant restrict want they connect to but >Ideally this >>WifiHistoryView loads the Wifi history information from the 'Microsoft-Windows-WLAN-AutoConfig/Operational' event log of Windows. This eve...

support4 by Engaged Sweeper
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Change SP Field in General Search to VERSION

Since Microsoft has moved away from Service Packs, this field is no longer necessary for Windows 10 asset entries (and likely Windows 11 and on), as the default value is 0 (zero).I would like to see/request that in a general search of a user, that wh...

mhammond by Champion Sweeper
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