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Portuguese Language Pack

Hi,i would like to know if it's possible to configure lansweeper into Portuguese? I've installed Webhelpdesk in portuguese, now the names that Lansweeper use are not equal to the same in WHD, make duplicates.

rui_real by Engaged Sweeper
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Asset Actions Organization Ideas

As I was organizing my asset actions today, I was thinking it would be cool to have nested actions within "Advanced Actions" or have some more sections to go along with "Basic Actions" and "Advanced Actions". For example, you could have "Software Ins...

mtcuser by Engaged Sweeper II
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Non-Windows System Passwords

I'd like to get the ability to specify the password for non-Windows based on DNS name, instead of just IP address? I have Mac laptops that get IP addresses via DHCP, and I'd like to specify specific passwords for those items without hardcoding IPs or...

mhaymore by Engaged Sweeper II
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Grouping of bulk ip addresses before scanning

HiI recently started of using this tool for my internal audit purpose thought of adding some more add-on mentioned below1. Grouping of assets before scanning ( May be in scanning methods )2. Mapping of list of IP address which are in different sub-ne...

pardhuc by Engaged Sweeper
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SQL Database Freespace

The ability to see the SQL Database Used or Freespace value for the Database. The SQL information that is currently displayed includes the Log Size and Log Used, but the Data side of the view is missing the used space.

Plans to add monitoring?

Hello,Do you guys have any plans to add monitoring to your software? IE: Alert me via email/SMS if server A goes offline for longer than X minutes?How about Network monitoring; show me the bandwidth used per switchport of my network switches?Thank yo...

doodguy by Engaged Sweeper II
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Mark asset to get notified as asset is online

I would like to checkmark an asset to get notified as soon as the asset is online again next time. The reason: Some times you find Problems with the help of lansweeper in the configuration of a PC and you would like to fix the problem as soon as the ...

Tose60 by Engaged Sweeper
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