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File Import Capabilities

What are the chances of being able to import data on assets using a file (such as Excel). My organization is currently trying to update our assets to match our computer systems with their associated phone extension, it is quite tedious to update ever...

GRsanchez by Engaged Sweeper
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How to Print a Location

Hello, I load an image in a Location and also load all the APs and Printers.The problem is that when I try to print or save the Location Image, I have no option. The only way I found to print it is through the browser options.Is there any way I can p...

Guest by Lansweeper Employee
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List IIS websites

Hi,should be possible to have in the future release the IIS Information (like Version, list of all web sites, ..) ?

cdonizetti by Engaged Sweeper III
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Email Text

When sending a report via email is inserted into the body of the email the information below, it is possible to somehow remove this information? I want to send a clean email without any text, just the attached file.Tks in advanced.

IPAD and Lansweeper Integration

Hi Lansweeper Admin,I have tried searching all over web but could not find a solution. Do you have any recommendation as to how would I be able to integrate IPAD scanning with lansweeper. I would like to audit all my assets with a barcode scanner and...

moss by Engaged Sweeper III
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Customized Reports More User Friendly

The report builder is powerful, but it also requires some indepth knowledge of the database structure.It would be far more useful if it would be able to allow creation of reports by using data fields such as asset names, asset type and conditions . ...

xrsupport by Engaged Sweeper
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