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Scan by Device Type

It would be great to be able to schedule weekly scanning by device type, like Printers for example. I do it manually now, but being able to schedule it would be much more efficient. Our printers are in different subnets, so IP range doesn't work for ...

Stewie by Engaged Sweeper II
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Scanning Server

Just wondering if this is a possibility to make the scan more efficientWe users that move around and to cut down on WAN traffic when they are at another site, it would be nice if when a pc is being scanned and there was a local scan server in the sam...

mwrobo09 by Champion Sweeper
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Role Base access.

Hi Team,I need to delegate some module access to specific team/group.e.g. Infra Admin can able to view only Hardware Tab in lansweeper.Server admin can able to view Active directory and Server Tab In lansweeper another oneDesk Admin can able to view...

IP Address Range Scanning

We have a wide range of IP subnets that we scan for all of our sites. when we add a new one we have to currently deselect everything and then go select that one new entry and go all the way back up and select scan enabled IP ranges. Is it possible to...

chads by Lansweeper Alumni
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Lansweeper MAP system

I should be wonderful to have the possibility to load building floor map and place HW on it.You can have a visual situation, allarms could have different colors.This should be useful where you have a lot of PC in different build/floor HQ's.

s_basso by Engaged Sweeper
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