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Knowledgebase: Add field for Tags

Hi There,It would be nice if there was a field in the knowledge base that is invisible for users but can be used to search.For instance: when looking for the guide on how to change a password a user might type how to change password? in the search ba...

Patch Tuesday Audit Inaccurate

Hello, We are currently in trial.  Ran the Patch Tuesday Audit and spot checking the results it is inaccurate. Anything I can look at to correct this?  In the Patch Tuesday Audit, this machine states needs update KB502137.   I verify in the machine ...

skro_0-1672233357508.png skro_1-1672233457008.png skro_2-1672233586351.png
skro by Engaged Sweeper
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Chrome/IE/FF/Browser Extensions/Addins

It would be EXTREMELY useful if LANSWEEPER could generate a report of all Browser Addins/Extensions installed on all machines.Iv seen a few various hacks that can be done by manually scanning the folder/registry for this, but we want to view ALL addi...

d_scott by Engaged Sweeper II
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Forum suggestions

Are there no dedicated forum sections like the old forum had?  As an example the old forum had the custom actions section which had any verified solution pinned at the top so they were easy to browse through same with the deployments section. The fea...

steveb by Champion Sweeper
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Chained Deployments

Currently: You cannot chain deployments together. If you have multiple deployments on scan, the second one says it has to wait for the first but that functionality doesn't ever seem to work. Request for future: Something like a last step in deploy...

chada by Engaged Sweeper III
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