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Engaged Sweeper III

I have been thinking that Lansweeper could be a nice windows update manager for small and medium organizations that can't afford SCCM or other 3rd party specific softwares like Kace Quest.

We all know that WSUS is a pain in the ass because you don't really have any control about when and how are the updates going to be installed.

Using lansweeper's deployment system as a base (with LsAgent), it would be very usefull to be able to centralize and automatize the windows KB donwloads to the lansweeper server depending on your scanned OSs and deploy them to specific targets (reports and groups) in a manual or automated mode.

You're making a good job with the Monthly report of the security KBs for windows, but it would be great to make a new step and offer a new package (you can sell it separately like the helpdesk license) to manage the Windows Updates, even the 3rd party software updates like web browsers, java, office 365, and so.

My organization would be willing to pay it without any doubt in case prices were better adjusted to the volume of the assets scanned.

Many thanks.
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Champion Sweeper II
This would be incredibly easy for Lansweeper to implement. Hopefully they do so soon.