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MS Teams integration

Hi,It would be great to have an integration with MS Teams that would allow for ticket creation from a chat (... menu from inddividual chat message). Similarly it would be great is you could use Teams to query the status of your ticket and maybe updat...

nzuser1 by Engaged Sweeper
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Adding Document Preview

Adding a Document to an asset is nice but is there a chance we can get an auto preview on the asset page of the document uploaded instead of downloading it? maybe start with common extensions .pdf, .xls, xlsx, doc, .docx

chads by Lansweeper Alumni
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USB 'Authorization' like the software section

We use the software authorization section a lot, very quick and easy way to see what new software is picked up in the estate.It would be very handy to have the same for USB devices. Once the usual's are authorized anything new could be reported on d...

jmawdsley by Engaged Sweeper
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Automatic Attribute Rule Engine / Logic

It would be helpful if there was a feature that added Attributes to an Object based on predefined rules.Example of this would beIF (OU==Office OU) AND IP LOCATION == (London Office 2) Object Building = Campus 1 Object Department = Accounting Objec...

Clone Assets in Lansweeper

A feature for cloning assets inside lansweeper would be very helpful. Especially if you purchase more of specific models to not have to fill out everything from scratch.

tschaller by Engaged Sweeper
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Set IP for an Asset

For remote computers using VPN, LS always has trouble finding it's current IP address. For example, if a remote user uses VPN today with ip, tomorrow the IP might change to Here Lansweeper will probably still show the old "" a...