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Engaged Sweeper II
Is there any way to alter the subject lines for the email templates?

Currently they display as RE: [[ #58]] Ticket Subject

Ideally I'm looking to just get custom subjects based on the outgoing email templates (For each template we could set custom subject lines).

Alternately being able to remove the RE: and [[]] would be nice. Just changing it to Ticket #XX - Subject

Is this doable somewhere and I'm just missing it?
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Unfortunately, giving a custom email subject to outgoing email templates is not possible. In general, customizing the ticket subject is only within the help desk. External mails will always keep their original subject as chosen by the user who mailed in the initial email.

I have added your topic to the corresponding feature requests.
Engaged Sweeper

I hate to necro a thread, but it's been five years and this is still the exact same question I have.

Our team is flooded with email notifications of all types and it's impossible to set up an Outlook filter because we have no way to modify the subject line in an Outgoing Email Template.  (We've tried searching for specific text in the bodies of the email, but since every email has a copy of the history then eventually near the bottom you'll hit the filter text.)

Just something as easy as "New Ticket" or "Updated Ticket" in the subject line would do wonders for visibility.

If this has been added to a feature request, do you have a link?