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Engaged Sweeper


I am new to the forums, but thought I'd give it a shot.

We are all but completed on a migration from on prem AD to cloud with Entra ID, and intune. All devices, groups and users are cloud only.

How do I clear out the old record of AD users? the user records in our Lansweeper Site are 12 months out of date now. (I can easily clear out old devices via the on-prem lansweeper server, but can't see how to remove users).

Thank you in advance.

Engaged Sweeper III


The two ways I know how to do this is to clean up AD on your end and then do a scanning update on your LS instance to scan the Users OU. Alternatively, in Configuration > Scanning Setup > Server Options, you can set options to remove users not found in AD under the "User and Group Cleanup Options". Keep in mind, if you have assets actively assigned to users in Lansweeper that point to those AD records, you will lose that information once the AD record is cleared.

Alternatively, and beyond my scope, you could clear the tables/records from the database itself but it's not recommended in case something gets messed up.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the Community @mykobrien 

Thank you for reaching out. While we wait for additional input from the community, I wanted to tag @rinks and @brandon_jones , as they have previously shared insights on similar topics and might be able to assist you.

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