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Engaged Sweeper

Firstly, thankyou for providing such good software free of charge.

I have only just installed this recently, and its already provided excellent information. One of the reasons it was installed was to see which computers could do with an upgrade (<300MB memory).

The next problem was to find out what type of memory the computers had, sadly i had to visit each computer in turn to find out exactly. As some with the same model numbers where actually different DDR/DDR2.

So my request, which may be useful in the future would be to display the current memory modules, DDR, DDR2 etc, and the speed, possibly model numbers currently installed, and free slots..

I used PC-Wizard to find out the actual memory without the need to take off the case.


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CPUZ is a nice choice, since it runs as a console appplication as well it's easty to implement in Custom Actions in Lansweeper with psexec - or to create a mass scan script:

psexec.exe \\{computer} -c -s cpuz.exe -txt=\\server\sharewithwritepermissions\{computer}.txt

To have more control you can copy the ini file as well.

I'm adding this just to help, but it would be good to have the requested feature in Lansweeper.
Engaged Sweeper
Yes, That would be of great help.

I use free utility CPUZ to access this infomation.