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Engaged Sweeper III


I don't if it's normal but wen I change printer on my network the new one dont replace the old one, finaly I have a lot of device with the same ip (like the capture)

On my capture I also have computer with same IP.

Can you add an option to automatically clenup old device and just keep the most recent ?



Engaged Sweeper III
Thanks for reply, until the next version of lansweeper I cleanup manualy !
Lansweeper Alumni
When available, the MAC address is used as a unique device identifier, not the IP address. The combination domain name\computer name is used as a unique computer identifier. So it is perfectly possible for two computers or devices to have the same IP in the database, especially if one was retired.

- The printers in your screenshot do appear to be two distinctly different devices. If Copieur is no longer in use, you can select it in the Lansweeper configuration console under Lansweeper\Scanned Devices and hit the Delete button to remove it from your database.

- The two computer entries in your screenshot appear to be for the same machine. What likely happened is that port 135 was closed on the computer at one point, which would've caused Lansweeper to try and scan it as a device. However, the device entry has not been scanned in a while, indicating that port 135 was reopened.
We recommend simply deleting the faulty device entry by selecting it in the Lansweeper configuration console under Lansweeper\Scanned Devices and hitting the delete button. If port 135 remains open on the computer, the device entry will not return.

There are currently no automated cleanup options for devices. This feature is on our customer wish list, but we do not currently have a release date for it. Computer cleanup options can be found in the Lansweeper configuration console under Scanning Servers\Your Server\Options\Scanning & Cleanup Options.