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Engaged Sweeper
It would be nice to include or exclude those assets that might be a member of a particular group. For example, I might have a dynamic group which could exclude or include assets depending on whether they were in a group or not.

I might have a group called '64-bit Windows Workstations' like this:
* Include OS not like Server 2003
* Include OS not like Server 2008
* Include OS not like Server 2012
* Include OS Architecture like 64-bit

Then, I want to create a deployment group that includes my Workstations like this:
* Include 64-bit Windows Workstations
* Include clients where software installed not like 'Trend OfficeScan Agent'

This would make the dynamic groups really dynamic.
Lansweeper Alumni
Nesting groups isn't possible at the moment. I've added this feature to our customer wish list, but I'm not sure if/when this will be implemented. In the situation you're describing, you will have to create a second group (or a report) that repeats the criteria of the first and adds the software criterion.