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Champion Sweeper II
When running report all the columns have ability to filter results but not the PING column. Would be nice to have ability without modifying reports to have toggle or drop down selector option to show offline or online assets.

Engaged Sweeper III
I've been wishing for this very feature quite a lot lately.

Engaged Sweeper II
Where does this stand... it has been 6 years since the request? this is valuable to be able to target for software distribution only those machines that are currently online - sparing the deployment queue attempts that are known to be unsuccessful.

Lansweeper Alumni
I'll move this request to filter (not just sort) the ping column to the wish list section of the forum.
Lansweeper Alumni
You are able to sort report outputs on the ping result by clicking on the column head (Ping). Please note that Lansweeper doesn't store ping results in the database and therefore won't include them in export files as well.
Engaged Sweeper III

It would really handy feature to filter the ping with on and off as you would OS, IP, Location,etc,  , this way you can deploy to assets which are switched on only ?