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Engaged Sweeper
We have a few administrators that are authorized on certain machines, but we would still like them to show up in the “Computer: Unauthorized Administrators” report if they are added as admins on other machines they are specifically assigned to. I’ve been playing around with a way to make that work, and am close, but the software is not supporting one of the changes I made. Thought it may be worth requesting a feature enhancement as others could benefit from this. Here’s what I did.

Added a column called “Computer” to the tblsysadmins table. This column will normally be NULL for a given row if the admin is authorized on all machines. But say we have jsmith that is authorized for pc alpha, the row would be: domain, jsmith, alpha. Or, if he’s authorized for a lab consisting of machines named lab1, lab2, lab3, etc. the row could read: domain, jsmith, lab%.

What’s not working is that in the config utility, the new Computer column is not showing up on the authorized admins configuration page. I have to manually edit the table to add the values.

Version 4 is fantastic! The more we’ve been playing with it, the more we love it! Can’t wait for the official release. Thanks for the great product!
Lansweeper Alumni
We do not currently have a release date for this feature. We're not sure whether this feature was ever implemented in 3.X, but it certainly hasn't been available since 4.0.
Engaged Sweeper
We also have this problem and we would like to be able to run this kind of report including domain accounts for specific computers. But it is curious that in previous versions of Lansweeper this feature was totally possible and in fact we have been using it during years on Lansweeper v3.5 until we upgraded to v5 some months ago. Now we can not use this report anymore because it is not accepting domain accounts for specific servers/PCs.
Do you know if there is any estimation to have this feature available again in Lansweeper?
Thank you for your help.
Best regards,
Lansweeper Alumni
You can currently only authorize a domain account for an entire domain or a local account for a specific machine. It is not currently possible to authorize a domain account for specific machines only. This feature is on our customer wish list, but we do not yet have a release date for it.
Engaged Sweeper III
For me this also would be a preferred feature.

I have exact the same problem: accounts have to be admin on certain machines but not on every machine in the network(s). So their authorization to be admin should be limited to these computers and thes should be listed in unautorized admins when they are on other machines. IF they have to be admin on all machines we still would be able to use "%" in machine row (if there was one).