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Allocate Software to Different Domains

Hi,We have several domains and I'd like to assign certain software to certain domains and still be able to report on software compliance.Software seems to apply globally as far as I can tell.Is there a way to do this please?Thanks,Lee

Certificate Tracking

With the increasing problems with certificates it would be great to quickly identify systems with a "problem" certificate.For example with Dell's latest eDellRoot issues(

Separate Deployment Security Groups

I am not sure if I am missing it or if it is not an option yet. I would like a way to allow different people to be able to deploy but not be able to edit or create any packages. Possibly create another website role?Thanks,Marty

mwrobo09 by Champion Sweeper
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Actions to "runas" a User.

Where I work, our accounts are just normal users so we have separate admin accounts. So non of the actions work unless you copy the cmd line stuff from the website, open command prompt as an administrator and then paste the action cmd line stuff in. ...

Agent for Software Deployments

We have a lot of domain computers where the administrative share c$ is not active. So we do not have the ability to deploy any software over lansweeper.So it would be nice to have an Executable (not a service), which runs with administrativ privilege...

Steahlty by Engaged Sweeper
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How to segregate the view on assets in the interface

Hello,We currently are using the Enterprise version with multiple scanning services and have a centralized database, and we are managing most of our worldwide office from one place but some offices have a local IT, for which, I would like to give acc...

Asset Assignments

When assigning assets to a person, it would be helpful if the search grid showed if the assets aware already assigned to a person. While some assets can be assigned to multiple people, this would raise a flag in the instances where they are not.

Elwood472 by Engaged Sweeper II
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