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Champion Sweeper III
Reporting on Hyper-v Servers for the following (and sorry if it is there I could not find it.)

Hosts Servers
-Free Space

Then on Guests
-# CPU
-Disk Type (Fixed, Dynamic, Differencing, etc)
-Size, Free Space, Fragmentation
-Startup RAM, Total Ram, Dynamic/Static RAM, Lower/Upper Limit when Dynamic

This type of info would be valuable when trying to identify where a new guest should be moved to/deployed knowing what you have available at your finger tips.
Champion Sweeper III
in case anyone is interested, I did the following which helps a little.

I got the script at ( and modified the output to be a static file name. Since it is an HTML report that is produced, I added it as a custom widget and now it is a tab next to the dashboard. Very useful. The script is run daily with a scheduled task and that page is replaced every day so it is up to date.

Still it would be better if the same data were available from within Lansweeper in a similar output so the items were clickable and linked.