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Engaged Sweeper III
I would like to say I love LAN sweeper it has everything I want but one thing it can show me is where a device is located. What would be nice is to give users the functionality to upload floor plans and place computers un there right location. And have them be clickable. Example if I have a user call and state something is wrong and I see this issue through LAN sweeper but I don't know physically where the computer is. I have resorted to creating a asp program that uses datagridviews to do this. But it is sloppy as I am not a programmer. It would work much better if there were a location link on the devices that brings up a floor plan linked to that devices...

Lansweeper Alumni
This feature (visual asset maps) has been on our customer wish list for a while, but we do not yet have a release date for it. (It will most likely not be included in Lansweeper 5.1.)

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