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Engaged Sweeper II
Just wondering if there was any way to pull in custom fields as tags to be included with helpdesk email messages (via templates).

Use case: I have a field called 'Resolution' that is required by the agent to close a ticket. I'd like to add that Resolution in the state change email for the user when their ticket is closed.
Engaged Sweeper II

Any updates on this? Bumping it back up since it's been two years since the last reply. 

We use almost exclusively custom fields so the email notifications are essentially useless since it gives our help desk employees no information except the basic subject and user.

Engaged Sweeper II
Adding to the list- this would REALLY help us out to have options to include custom fields on email auto responses!
Engaged Sweeper III
Any updates on this request? It's been over 4 years since it was first suggested.

Even a simple toggle to include all the custom fields from a ticket in the first note would be better than nothing at all.
Engaged Sweeper II
Any update on this?
Engaged Sweeper
Hi Any update on this feature - it really would be beneficial
Engaged Sweeper
Is there any update to this feature request? This was originally submitted over two years ago.

This feature would be very useful to us.
Engaged Sweeper III
This feature would be great!

Engaged Sweeper
Susan.A ; i did not find this parameter [subject] , there are some others but not subject
Lansweeper Alumni
[subject] is an existing parameter for outgoing email templates, but there are currently no parameters for custom fields. I'll move this topic to the wish list section of the forum. Available parameters are listed when you hit the Add Template button or the pencil shaped edit button next to a template under Configuration\E-mail Settings.