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Chained Deployments

Currently: You cannot chain deployments together. If you have multiple deployments on scan, the second one says it has to wait for the first but that functionality doesn't ever seem to work. Request for future: Something like a last step in deploy...

chada by Engaged Sweeper III
  • 2 replies
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Include custom ticket fields as email tags

Just wondering if there was any way to pull in custom fields as tags to be included with helpdesk email messages (via templates).Use case: I have a field called 'Resolution' that is required by the agent to close a ticket. I'd like to add that Reso...

RKacz by Engaged Sweeper II
  • 11 replies
  • 6 kudos

Mark Asset as 'Retired/Disposed Of' but keep History

Would like the ability to mark Assets (State) as 'Retired or Disposed Of', removing the asset license from it and removing it from any and all reports except one that lists all Retired or Disposed Of assets for auditing, but keeps the data (record) f...

zblack by Engaged Sweeper III
  • 8 replies
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Expand Search Options

I'd like to see more fields be added to quick search, or allow admins choose additional fields to appear in search. Or create an advanced search option, allowing for searches that don't need to be full reports or dynamic groups. Example: I can't sear...

mhaymore by Engaged Sweeper II
  • 1 replies
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Software License Compliance Report Display

It would be nice if I could customize the look of the Software license compliance page to hide the different versions of software titles to gain a better overview. For me it would be enough to the see total amount of installations found.With many Sof...

Alulux by Engaged Sweeper III
  • 2 replies
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