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Engaged Sweeper II
Please make a priority list like this:

1) Only allowing users to deploy not create, uncheck, or elsewise modify deployments
2) LSPush package for MACs
Engaged Sweeper
Yes this is needed.

Seperate permissions for

1) Creating Deployments
2) Deleting Deployments
3) Editing Deployments
4) Deploying to Single Asset
5) Deploying to reports, groups

This is needed as at the moment, we just turn it off, as the risk for us it to great to allow all staff to use it. So a great feature is unused
Engaged Sweeper II
I agree. This should be a priority. I am looking to allow deployments to our Service Desk and I do not want them to be able to deploy to Reports, Uncheck the deployments, create deployments, modify deployments, or delete deployments.
Lansweeper Alumni
These features have been requested by other users as well, but we don't have a release date for them unfortunately.

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