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Engaged Sweeper II
I understand that I could use custom fields to store netowrk info (which ports, which closets etc a device connect through)but what would be great would be:
- put all of that data in a seperate table, including the jack number
- have a dropdown list on the custom fields screen to pick a jack number from (if it exists in the table and no toher device is plugged into it)
- have the rest of the table data for that row display on the screen (read only) showing the network path the computer uses
- ideally have links built in each switch ip address (since they are stored in lansweeper anyway) web console for testing
Lansweeper Alumni
In Lansweeper 5.0, you can see which switch and which port a machine is connected to and, vice versa, which connections a switch has. A Lansweeper 5.0 beta was released last week. A download link and further info can be found here.