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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

We recognize that lifecycle information is a key value driver for clients to enable planning of software licensing negotiations, rationalisation and refreshes but also to ensure the assets are up to date to minimise security risk.  As such it is with pleasure we highlight Lansweeper’s recent new capabilities for Hardware and OS lifecycle, with software in progress.  

This is a preview feature and will be iterated frequently over the next few months before official release.  Please use this space to give suggestions +ve or -ve to help us improve the product.

Engaged Sweeper

Lifecycle management is a very much needed feature.  Thank you for including it in Lansweeper!  

Some thoughts:

1. Lifecycle management should allow me to set an expected lifecycle time.  For example, we replace computers every 4 years.  So I should be able to put that date on the asset and then a lifecycle report should be able to show me the current replacements needed and future replacements coming up in the next 12 months.

2. I should be able to make exceptions for EOL/EOS items.  For example, I may have a support contract that extends support for some piece of software.  I should also be able to mark something that is EOL as "accepted risk", make a note to explain, and then for a lifecycle report to show these exceptions with the notes.

3. I'm not finding a lot of software lifecycle data.  This would be very useful to enhance the software inventory.

4. Lots and lots of reports about lifecycle are needed.  I am finding some reports, but they are scattered.  A lifecycle group would be helpful.

Engaged Sweeper II

I see numerous incorrect end of support flagged models in our system.  How should these be reported?

Hi @AlanS,

It is on our roadmap to add an in-app feedback capability that will enable you to report those dates you think are incorrect in the same place you are reading the lifecycle data. We do not have an expected date to include this functionality, we properly announce it.

In the meantime, I will send you a private message to inform you how to report the detected incorrect ones.

Engaged Sweeper II

Thanks, I replied.

Engaged Sweeper III

Any plans for the lifecycle reports to reflect the extended OS support that comes from running Windows servers in Azure? 

@ChrisParr1 , thank you for your question.  W are still working to mature this capability, but I will make sure it is added to our backlog.  

Product Team
Product Team

I am glad to inform the Hardware and OS lifecycle information is already available for reporting, so through the "report builder" you can easily visualize the lifecycle data from your assets and export it if you wish. Also, a lifecycle report was added to the reports library so you can immediately access the info.

If you find interesting this new capabilities and/or you want to propose new ones to be included in the product, do not hesitate and join us in the Security Insights Customer Voice forum:

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Hi Iain,

Nice to see we will put our efforts in this feature.

Nicolas Van Den Steen
Technology Alliance Partner Manager
Product Team
Product Team

@IainCaldwell , do you have any information about when software lifecycle information will be available?  I am very interested in this capability.