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LsAgent IP question

We are currently using Lansweeper Cloud, with an onsite scanner. I am looking to deploy LsAgent, however when I enter the IP of my scanning server and the associated relay key, I get the below.Server name and domain changed for obsucirtyUrl Check wit...

Report Question - Custom Fields

I need to create a report that shows data in custom fields.  The purpose is to create a monthly report to show how many calls are received for a specific category then drill down from there.  Example ticket:  Category (custom field) = Locked, Subcate...

Populating Non-Custom Fields with Custom OID values

Hey everyone, Running into an issue with certain models of networked Honeywell Barcode printers that we scan using SMNP. For older versions of the firmware for the printers, the Serial Number pulls in find and populates. For the newer releases, the S...

JS2004 by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Asset Radar/Rouge Asset Detection - DHCP Server

So I'm on a trial on LS and very interested in the rouge asset detection.From what I've read, if I install the scan server to my DHCP Server, it should see DHCP requests from all my subnets and register them as assets ?Or do I need to add in a scope ...

aponzo by Engaged Sweeper
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Unknow Network device

I have a client who is in the moving business and probably has GPS on his trucks.We often find that there are 25-30 devices registered in Lansweeper that only say network device. Mac addresses are always unique Doing a MAC address to vendor lookup do...

lansend by Engaged Sweeper
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