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Engaged Sweeper
Do you have plans to add a history to Printer Page counts to determine Printer Usage per Day/Week/Month/Quarter/Year?

Also a Toner Replacement recognition could be done this way.
It does not have to recognise the exact page for me...

Engaged Sweeper II

This historical data would save me a huge amount of time collecting all the supply data by myself!
Looking forward to see this functionality implemented 🙂
Engaged Sweeper II
We use CZ Printtracker, but it only covers Windows printers. Some of our printer are being used in AIX env. and for this we would love to have page count historical data.

+1 here
Engaged Sweeper III
+1 this as well. As Lansweeper is increasingly becoming more of a centralized management tool it needs to begin incorporating more historical into ALL pertinent areas of its' data capture and reporting.

However, this is high on my list because being able to track and show page counts to management can be a very useful tool for IT departments to understand the output in different business areas, as well as present opportunities for change and savings.

I have been exporting the page count numbers into my own tracking spreadsheet for last couple years but it would be extremely useful to have this built-in.
Engaged Sweeper II
I vote for this function too. I currently use our network monitoring product to track printer usage and it would be far better in Lansweeper.
Lansweeper Alumni
We do not currently keep a history of this information. We have added this feature to our wish list, but do not have a release date for it. As a workaround, you can configure daily/weekly email alerts and use those to manually keep a history.

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