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Engaged Sweeper III

We use Lansweeper reporting and dashboards on-premise most for the update information that can easily be retrieved using remote scan. IT Admins have build custom reports that they refresh when doing updates. All this information is not in the cloud. I have checked but a lot of information available locally is not in the cloud. So custom reports are not possible either.

We have for instance pie charts based on the last patch time information. 



Information that we check regularly is asset history to be able to view if updates are installed.



Perhaps the cloud is not a replacement just something to extend but as it is missing so much I have to find a usecase at all.


Champion Sweeper II

ok so it's been 1 hour of looking at cloud...  sooooo it seems so far, that things are possible, but are either obfuscated through numerous sections in the GUI, or not intuitive or easy to understand.  I think the general idea that I can gather is,  get over the fact that you can't easily search for anything anymore - (no more clicking this and clicking that and drilling down for instant scope/visibility),  and learn XML (ish) versus SQL as it uses MongoDB instead.... so if you have super-neat MSSQL reports that you're proud of with awesome logic...  well... I think you lose that as well.  It's really looking like LS is pivoting to canned reporting for general use cases -  not for system administrators - which is odd, because a lot of the reports are still for system administrators...   with a read-only API currently, well, uh...  you can't do fancy integrations where you modify/create assets from other systems (including On-Prem Classic to make up for missing things *cough* custom fields *cough*.

There's an option to make new dashboards, and there's a little plus sign at the right, which actually expands a widget section (it should be an arrow < like normal GUIs) - and you can drop widgets (actually pretty cool) in there...  like your dashboard reports and graphs and such.   Sooo.....  to have a chance at this, you start by duplicating canned reports, looking at how they are done, and the XML-ish code...  until you ramp up in what you're doing.. and then you start making custom dashboards.  

It's like when people first start Classic Lansweeper with no MSSQL experience, and have to duplicate reports and look at the SQL and modify it to show what they want...   except this one has a higher learning curve and lacks a lot of things that MSSQL can do.