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Engaged Sweeper III
We are slowly rolling out a WSUS server in our network, and are using group policy to add computers to it. We're likely going to end up with several different kinds of GPO just for this function, and will probably use GPO's more extensively in the future.

Long story short, has anyone created a report or have a method of making a report to indicate which computers are using which GPO's? We're trying to make Lansweeper our one-stop-shop for network computer information, and this would be a big help.

Thanks in advance,
Engaged Sweeper
Any news on this? It would be amazing if we could view which GPOs that's actually applied to each computer.

I'm troubleshooting a GPO that refuses to apply to at least two computers, which makes me suspect that there could be more. It would be very helpful if I could generate a report in Lansweeper that told me which computers this GPO have been successfully applied to. Now I have to check this manually for every computer if I want to be sure.
Lansweeper Alumni
It's not possible to do this with lansweeper at the moment, i'll move it to the wish list.

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