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Engaged Sweeper
Documentation by server is handy, but we've recently been going to "system" documentation. System, defined in this context, as a collection of hardware, software, networking, and configuration to constitute a service.

System documentation could include several servers, for example. So, where to put that documentation to display and update easily?

Idea #1 - Organize systems by asset group. Good idea, but how do I link to the documentation? Asset groups are, today, just groups.

Idea #2 - Organize systems by knowledge base article. Good idea, but its not very efficient to update the data in two places when the data is linked in SQL.

Wishlist 1 - Give static asset groups additional functionality, such as the ability to define bookmarks or links to knowledge base articles.

Wishlist 2 - Retool Documentation so anything stored at the asset group level shows up in the Docs tab for that server.

Thanks team!

\\ JMM
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Thank you for the feedback. I've added your feedback to their respective feature requests.

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