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Engaged Sweeper II


Is there a way to report on the number of vulnerabilites affecting every asset? Let's say, identify the top 10 most vulnerable assets and find out if we can tie them to a group or something.

I did find a way to achieve this.

Thank you!

Engaged Sweeper

Dear Support Team,

We are looking to enhance the usefulness of our vulnerability scanning reports and would appreciate your assistance in achieving this goal. Currently, our reports display the top 50 most vulnerable systems on our website. However, we believe there is room for improvement in the way this information is presented.

As it stands, when we select a specific system, we can see that it has approximately 700 vulnerabilities. Exporting this list to a CSV file and sifting through the descriptions reveals that there may be up to 10 different sources contributing to these vulnerabilities, such as Mozilla Corporation. Additionally, while checking the descriptions, we notice that some vulnerabilities are related to Firefox.

What we find lacking in the current report structure is information regarding the specific application that was checked for vulnerabilities. This omission prevents us from pinpointing the exact source of the vulnerabilities efficiently.

Our desired outcome is to receive a CSV file for each customer, containing the following data fields:

  1. Computer name
  2. Name of the last user
  3. Software manufacturer
  4. Application name
  5. Number of critical vulnerabilities
  6. Number of vulnerabilities 1 level less than critical
  7. Number of vulnerabilities 2 levels less than critical
  8. Number of vulnerabilities 3 levels less than critical

This enhanced report format will allow us to have a more actionable view of the vulnerabilities on each person's computer. With this information, we can prioritize and take the necessary steps to address and resolve the issues promptly.

We appreciate your support in making these improvements to our vulnerability scanning reports, as it will significantly aid our efforts to enhance system security and address vulnerabilities effectively.

Thank you for your assistance.

Sincerely, Oodos

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @roysam  great question, I will give some of our PMs a nudge in case none of our other users have a solution

Engaged Sweeper II

EDIT: I did not find a way to achieve this.

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Vulnerability data isn't included in the reporting engine, so the only way to look at the data is using the tools provided in the Risk insights area of the products. While the sorting options and custom views give you some options to filter and manipulate the data. It's only possible from the vulnerability's point of view at the moment, not from an asset's POV.

It's certainly something that we will address in the future.

Engaged Sweeper II

Hi Espen,

Will this report will be available soon? We consider it mandatory to proceed with all necessary checks.



Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

I don't think it will be available soon. The best you can do for the time being is use multiple sorting to see the vulnerabilities with the most amount of assets