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Engaged Sweeper III
EXAMPLE: We have routers set up at remote locations that do two things.
One is they offload all internet traffic to a local provider, (keeping it off the corporate WAN and freeing up bandwidth),
Second, we set up a fail-over VPN tunnel. The VPN tunnel is there to give an alternate path, via the internet connection, if the corporate link goes down. It is also designed to go the other way, in that, if the local providers circuit goes down, then all internet traffic gets routed through the corporate pipe.

So, in this example, if the MPLS circuit, OR the Internet circuit, OR the Backup-VPN circuit, at the router, changes their state, either Up to Down, OR Down to UP, then this would trigger an SNMP trap event. This SNMP trap event could be captured by Lansweeper, and an event trigger could be set up to email, OR text, OR ... certain people or groups of people. This way, we would know immediately when such an event happens, and could react to it quickly.

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Thank you for your feedback. I've added your topic to the SNMP improvements feature request.