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When we onboard employees and receive new equipment, for example, we have checklists and documents that follow the users and equipment. Would it be possible to have a "forms" section for each asset that would include checklist line items as well as fill in the blank? Right now we print the checklists as we have student workers who don't have access to our file shares, and while we could scan and upload them to the documents section, it would be much nicer to make them into a web form right within Lansweeper.

Engaged Sweeper II
Yes, setting it up was a bit of a pain but I tried to approach it logically. The custom ticket fields quickly get out of hand since the system simply sorts them alphabetically, and we have lots of other custom ticket fields that are not part of these checklist processes. So I decided to prepend each field related to a particular process with a 3-character abbreviation for the process, enclosed in square brackets, which moves these processes to the top of the list, keeping them from being interspersed throughout the custom ticket fields list. This made it MUCH easier to actually build and design the custom ticket itself, since I could just drag and drop the custom fields from the top of the list instead of having to hunt and scroll for ages.

A few screenshots to get you started...

Here's some of my custom fields. [PDC] would be "Process - Decommission Computer" and [PRU] is "Process - Remove User"

And here's the ticket editing screen:

Of course all of the fields are marked as required in order to close the ticket.

How it looks from the ticket view while In Progress:

Finally, here's the nice history view which serves as an audit trail to indicate who performed each task and when. The agent can simply add notes to the ticket body on anything peculiar related to their steps.

Hope this helps!
Engaged Sweeper II
Great Idea! Sounds tedious to set up but it's better than nothing. Thanks
Engaged Sweeper II
We do something like this using tickets. We have various processes, such as user onboarding, removing users, or decommissioning hardware. I created ticket types for each of these checklists, and then created the forms using the custom ticket fields.

So the "Process - Remove User" ticket type has fields for username, department, etc, plus radio buttons to mark whether each task was completed (archive user's PST, network files, disable accounts, etc). This serves as both a task list and an audit trail to make sure each item was done (and who performed each action -- we often divide these lists up among secondary agents).

You could do the same, and as long as you specify the ticket as being attached to the user and/or asset in question, it will follow it. Just an idea.
Engaged Sweeper II
Any update on this request?
Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
Currently it is only possible to upload documents to assets. However, I created a new feature request and linked this topic to it. Please note that features on the customer wish list get development prioritization based on a combination of customer demand and difficulty to implement.
Engaged Sweeper II
We also want this feature

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