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multiple scanning servers with granular permission

Hi,is it possible to grant single users or a group specific permissions on one scanning server?For example, you have an environment with site A, B and C.A is running the master scanning server incl. Database etc., but in site B and C you run onlya sc...

Add notes/titles to Custom File/Registry Scanning

Would be very useful to be able to add notes & a title to the file and registry scanning to make it easier to see what the scans do at a glance and why it was setup. Would also be useful if you could then sort the fields alphabetically by subject/tit...

d_scott by Engaged Sweeper II
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Display LAPS password

It would be helpful to make LAPS attribute visible in LS similar to the BitLocker to the Bitlocker key display, it would need a configurable option under Roles.

GulfMarco by Engaged Sweeper III
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Asset Radar to cover all subnets

Asset Radar is perfect for instant discovery- and scanning of devices connecting to the subnet.However, Asset Radar does only cover the subnet where the Lansweeper server is located, but I hope and thing, that most companies has more subnets to obtai...

BentO by Engaged Sweeper II
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I would be much easier to remotely manage the LsAgent.ini settings if you put those settings in the HKLM registry.For example I want to force a scan of all the LSAgent hosts. I have network tools that I can remotely modify the registry and restart s...

jconger by Engaged Sweeper
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