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Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

Hi All

We are starting to prioritise the next quarter's block of protocols, thought I'd ask if there are any key protocols you'd need to support your business.  Keen to hear about protocols or even if you have a particularly dominant manufacturer you use.



Cheers Iain

Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee

@OT-Guy from Discovery Hub V3.5.0 You can link your OT installations with an on-premise Lansweeper Classic installation for access to Lansweeper's full capabilities. By linking your installations, you can manage both your IT and OT assets from the Lansweeper web console. 

For more info


Or you can contact me directly on filip.van.houtte @ lansweeper.com

Engaged Sweeper

Major systems we use:

GE Mark VI, VIe, MultiLin - Woodward Governor Micronet - ABB Infi-90 DCS - Schweitzer Engineering Labs - Emerson Deltav Process controls (M+, H1, CIOC, SQ, SX, VIM, EIOC) Safety controls (CSLS, SZ, LSNB), Hirschman based Emerson network devices, Rockwell controls/coms (5070/1756-EN2T/EN2TR)  Protocols modbus (serial /tcp), Foundation Fieldbus, GOOSE, OPC/OPCDA and other, smaller systems...

@OT-Guy Thank you very much for sharing this information. Have you already tested the scanner? When I look at this overview, I think we will already have quite good results after a scan. If you have not yet tested the software, you can always contact me directly by email at filip.van.houtte @ lansweeper.com 

I have been waiting for the non-cloud connected version of Lansweeper-OT release.  Until that is available, I cannot install the scanner as we are not connected to the internet.

Engaged Sweeper

Good morning,
We use Siemens and Emerson a lot, with respect to Siemens the Siprotec model and Emerson OCR1; protocols modbus, modbus/tcp, 101, 104, opt da, profinet, etc.


For the moment we support the following protocols.

BACnet, EtherNet/IP, Fins (Omron), Melsec (Mitsubishi) , Modbus (Modicon standard), OPCUA, PCWorx (Phoenix Contact), Siemens S7300/400 & S71200/1500 series.

Other protocols like the IEC 60870-5-104 and Profinet like you mentioned are in development.

Best regards,

Van Houtte Filip

Hi Filip, can you please provide the status of the following features:

  • Profinet protocol support.
  • Scan IT devices from the same Discovery Hub.
  • Classic OT inventory.



* For the Profinet support we are currently finalizing the last test. So this protocol will normally released before the end of this year.

* For the Scan IT devices from the same Discovery Hub.  I cannot provide any details regarding this date at this time. But we are working hard in this.

* During the 2023 Fall release "Ename" we announce OT Inventory (On-prem)

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Best regards,

Van Houtte Filip

Hi Filip, can you provide ETA of when the following protocols will be supported?

  • IEC 60870-5-104
  • Profinet