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Product Team
Product Team

If you have Lansweeper On-premises installations linked to a Lansweeper Site, you can now:

  • Synchronize Custom Field settings to your site
  • Synchronize Custom Field asset values to your Site
  • Include Custom Fields in your Lansweeper Site reports
  • Include Custom Fields in your API-based integrations
  • Control synchronization behavior

As an additional benefit of using Lansweeper Sites, you can add as many custom fields as you need (we eliminated the 60-field limit).

Is this improvement relevant to me?

Our customers use various approaches to managing their assets. This improvement is aimed at customers with:

  • Customers using the Lansweeper On-premises and Lansweeper Site interfaces
  • Customers planning to link their On-premises installations with a Lansweeper Site, or
  • Customers already using Lansweeper Sites as the main interface

The table below shows which capabilities you will be able to benefit from.


Customers using both interfaces

Customers planning to link with Lansweeper Sites

Customers using Lansweeper Sites as the main interface

Synchronize custom field settings

New capability

New capability


Synchronize custom field values on assets

New capability

New capability


Include custom fields in Site reports

New capability

New capability

New capability

Include custom fields in API-based integrations

New capability

New capability

New capability

Control synchronization behavior

New capability

New capability


Eliminated custom field limit

Improved Lansweeper Site capability

Improved Lansweeper Site capability

Improved Lansweeper Site capability

How will this improvement benefit my organization?

Custom Fields in custom views

Custom Fields hold important, organization-specific information. They are often appropriate for sorting and filtering custom views, ensuring that key information is viewed on screen and included in ad-hoc data exports.. 

Custom Fields are already available in custom views, allowing you to tailor the asset list view to show specific columns and to filter data.  If you are not familiar with creating, saving, and sharing custom views, take a look at our Fundamentals Custom View training.LeoDaniel_0-1719951813834.png

Custom Fields in custom reports

With this improvement, you can now include Custom Fields in your Lansweeper Site custom reports, including filtering based on Custom Field values.




Custom Fields in integrations

Integrations allow you to share Lansweeper Discovery results with other systems in your environment and are frequently used as a source of truth for asset discovery.  You can now include Custom Fields in your integrations, ensuring your organizational context is shared with other tools.

Add more Custom Fields

Previously, we limited the number of Custom Fields in your Lansweeper Site to 60. We have now removed that limit, allowing you to add more Custom Fields to each asset. This can be important if you have custom fields specific to location, country, or business unit.

Control over synchronization

We wanted to avoid requiring an update to your On-premises environment, so we added new configuration settings in Lansweeper Sites’ UI to allow you to enable custom field synchronization when you are ready to use it.


But, before you begin synchronizing Custom Fields, there are a few items that you should consider, especially if you have more than one On-premises installation.

Once you enable synchronization, you can decide whether custom field asset values in your Site should be updated from On-prem or your Lansweeper Site with “Lock against edits from On-prem” setting.



What do I need to do to prepare for Custom Field synchronization?

Deciding when to start

Custom Fields from your On-premises environment will NOT sync until you decide to enable this function (which only Site Owners can do).  This means you have time to review your processes and On-premises use of Custom Fields before syncing them to your Lansweeper Site.  Once you decide to start synchronizing custom fields, the setting cannot be disabled.

We encourage you to review your current environment before enabling this functionality to ensure consistency in Custom Fields in your On-premises installations. You should also review the KB Article for more details about this functionality.

We implemented this capability as a one–way synchronization from On-premises Installations to your Lansweeper Site. This means changes to Custom Field definitions or values created in your Site will NOT sync back to On-premises. 


You must ensure the consistency of your common On-premises Custom Fields across the installations linked to your Lansweeper Site.  The synchronization looks at the Display Name (e.g. “PO” and “P.O.” are considered as different names, but “PO” and “po” are the same name) and Type.  If both match, then only a single Custom Field is created in your Site, but if they have a different name or type, then 2 Custom Fields will be created.  If you have “pick list” type custom fields, all values for the “pick list” are preserved.  The On-premises Custom Field slot (e.g. Custom01) is not used during synchronization.

Once you have reviewed your current configuration, you should decide which environment (On-premises or Site) is the source of truth for Custom Field values.

Deciding your source of truth

The source of truth is the environment where you typically work and update your Custom Fields.  Most customers use only one interface, but even if you use both – don’t worry; we provide the flexibility you need to manage your environment.  Asset values of Custom Fields on assets are synchronized from On-premises installations to Lansweeper Site (but NOT from Lansweeper Site to On-premises) by default. If you are still using the On-premises interface as your day-to-day management interface, your field values will be automatically synced to your site.

But, if you are using your site as the primary interface, you can ensure values set in your site remain by enabling “Lock against edits from On-prem” on specific assets and custom fields, to ensure values entered in your Lansweeper Site are not overwritten during synchronization with On-premises installations.


If you have questions or comments about this capability, please feel free to post a comment, or contact your Support or Account representative.


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