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Engaged Sweeper
I would like to edit the patch Tuesday report to include other KB articles. so for example the October 2019 report of server 2012 has the following:

When tsysOS.OSname = 'Win 8.1' Or
tsysOS.OSname = 'Win 2012 R2' Then 'KB4519990 or KB4520005'

I would like to add KB numbers and change "or" to "and"

When tsysOS.OSname = 'Win 8.1' Or
tsysOS.OSname = 'Win 2012 R2' Then 'KB4519990 and KB4520005 and KB4519974 and KB4521864 and KB4524135'

Nothing seems to change the report output. I even put bobus numbers in and the report showed machines as being updated. Am I missing something


Lansweeper Employee
Lansweeper Employee
The KB numbers in the report consist of 2 parts. Part 1 which is simply informational for the end-user, and part 2 which actually does the check if the KBs are installed.

The part that your editing is Part 1.

Further down the query you will see a list of KBs that are checked. You can add or change KBs to that as you like.

 Where tblQuickFixEngineeringUni.HotFixID In ('KB4520009', 'KB4520002',
'KB4520003', 'KB4519976', 'KB4519985', 'KB4520007', 'KB4519990',
'KB4520005', 'KB4520011', 'KB4093109', 'KB4519998', 'KB4520010',
'KB4520004', 'KB4520008', 'KB4519338', 'KB4517389')) As SubQuery1 On
tblAssets.AssetID = SubQuery1.AssetID