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Engaged Sweeper III
As stated in the title, I'd like to have a report with everything hardware.
How can I distinguish between a virtualised windows and non-virtualised?
I still have the old license, so I can't make use of all the new features of LS7 😞
Champion Sweeper III
well, there's a few ways to do that I think... but a down-and-dirty way is to filter on manufacturer...

like you can pick whatever report, and as long as you inner join tblassetcustom, you can put this in the WHERE clause:

tblAssetCustom.Manufacturer not like '%VMWare%' and tblAssetCustom.Manufacturer not like '%Microsoft%'

I mean that's probably not the best way, but that weeds out VMWare VM's and Microsoft HyperV's at any rate...

someone can probably post a better solution...