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Server Utilization report

I need a report that will at least show CPU and RAM utilization...would like Disk Utilization as well (got GB used, but actual disk usage).  I've found the CPU and RAM reports below, but I'm not sure how to combine these in to 1 report, and then add ...

jmcelvoy by Engaged Sweeper II
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Workstations with No Biometric Hardware Report

I am trying to write a report that will identify all laptops that do not have biometric hardware installed. I was able to find a report that includes all computers with that hardware. Was wondering if this was possible to create?

zinger3031 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! All Assets with last logon user

Hey everyone,we are currently working on an integration for another system. For that, we need a report with a specific set of columns. I've built a report with the needed columns and the result is useless, since it returns around 1 million results Wh...

Moonbeam by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Need Help with custom Sleeptime Report.

I need help with a report that shows sleeptime  for systems. Something like this: SELECT Name AS ‘Computer Name’, LastWakeTime, LastSleepTime, DATEDIFF(MINUTE, LastWakeTime, LastSleepTime) AS ‘Minutes Asleep’ FROM Computers WHERE LastSleepTime IS NOT...

PapaTuck by Engaged Sweeper III
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UPS report & Serial number

I successfully generated a report for my UPS's but when I look for the serial number what I get is the serial number for the network card and not the UPS. Anyone know how to gather that information? Thanks to anyone for viewing this. 

Mgb131968 by Engaged Sweeper II
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Monitor history showing only last monitors

With the pandemic, we are trying to see all our monitors that were sent out to people to be able to work at home. I have created the following report, but it shows the complete history of the monitors that were connected. The issue is with Laptops...

cross_eur by Engaged Sweeper II
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Create a time chart

Is there a possibility to create a time chart to be used in the time chart widget?I noticed this is not working the same as with the chart report widget for which you can create a report which name starts with Chart:This doesn't work for time charts ...