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Limiting a Windows report to servers

To limit any Windows report to servers only (and not list workstations), do the following:Hit the pencil shaped edit button next to the report under Reports\View All Reports.Double-click on the tblComputersystem database table in the table list on th...

Susan_A by Lansweeper Alumni
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Helpdesk Report - Tickets by Users/Problem Users

Hi, I am sure this has been answered before but I cant find it.I need a report that shows and counts all helpdesk tickets regardless of status that have been raised against a user?Example:John Smith: Total of XX tickets raisedLIST OF ALL TICKETS JOHN...

plangham by Engaged Sweeper
  • 2 replies
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Adding IP locations to a report

To add your assets' IP locations to a report, do the following:Hit the pencil shaped edit button next to the report under Reports\View All Reports.In the search bar in the left-hand pane. Search for IPlocation.Double-click tsysIPLocations to add it t...

Susan_A by Lansweeper Alumni
  • 11 replies
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Add Filed

Hello all,I’m on Ver 7.1I have a wonderful report wich give me all I need for reporting but the filed to know if it’s a laptop or not,Select Top 1000000 tsysAssetTypes.AssetTypeIcon16 As icon, tblAssets.AssetID, tblAssets.AssetName, tblEncryptable...

Chart Report: Jabber

Hi,I would like a chart report counting the number (and %) of assets with Cisco Jabber installed and which have not.I have made this none-chart detailed version, which works fine:Select Top 1000000 tblAssets.AssetID, tblAssets.AssetName, tsysAssetT...

rawi05ab by Engaged Sweeper
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Office 365: Users (Built-in)

The report below gives back a list of Office 365 users.The report will only list users when the following criteria are met:You have Lansweeper 7.1 or higher.There is Office 365 user data scanned.Select Top 1000000 'user.png' As Icon, tblO365User.Dis...

Esben_D by Lansweeper Employee
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Resolved! List of computers without a monitor

Some of our monitors do not appear to be discoverable by WMI, even looking in device manager I just get Generic PnP Monitor.I have been trying to build a report of all Computers that do not have a Monitor as a child asset.I have found this report tha...

lcrowther by Engaged Sweeper
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all hardware devices

As stated in the title, I'd like to have a report with everything hardware.How can I distinguish between a virtualised windows and non-virtualised?I still have the old license, so I can't make use of all the new features of LS7

B_L_ by Engaged Sweeper III
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