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Resolved! Page Count report split by Color and B&W?

I've been asked to use Lansweeper to create a monthly report showing how many B&W prints and how many color prints are being done for each copier in our business.  Lansweeper shows page counts, but I don't see any way to differentiate between b&w and...

Resolved! Request 2 values from one attribute

I need to show two different values of the same attribute in one report. To be more specific. In the report we want to see the currently installed Office Client LIKE 'Microsoft Office Professional%' OR 'Microsoft Office Standard%' OR 'Microsoft Offic...

erankave by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! Chart report grouping criteria

I have a chart report that works well but I want to refine it a little bit. The report queries a group of workstations, determines what version of java is installed and presents that in a bar chart with totals for each version. Currently, there are 3...

GMFDE by Engaged Sweeper III
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Helpdesk report request

Hi folks,My SQL is still rubbish. I have tried to work this out combining aspects from other reports, but I am getting nowhere.I need a helpdesk report that shows time worked per ticket type in the last 7 days.Sorted by:1. Ticket Type2. Time Worked3...

Resolved! tblAssets.AssetName: how to add multiple asset names

What is the proper syntax for this operation? I have tried the following:Where tblAssets.AssetName = In ('asset name 1', 'asset name 2', 'asset name 3', 'asset name 4', 'asset name 5')orWhere tblAssets.AssetName = In "'asset name 1, 'asset name 2'I h...

GMFDE by Engaged Sweeper III
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Warranty report missing computers

I am running the following report, however, I am missing computers, the built in Asset report detects it, I think the common denominator is no user logged onSelect Top 1000000 tsysOS.Image As icon, tblAssetCustom.AssetID, tblAssets.AssetName, tblA...

miek_g by Engaged Sweeper III
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How to report latest eventlog message only

Hi guys, struggling with this one. I'm putting together a report for Windows 10 Feature Updates and I want to pull the last feature update error event log only. Can anyone help? This is my report:Select Top 1000000 tsysOS.Image As icon, tblAssets.As...

heybobby1 by Engaged Sweeper III
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