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Resolved! Page Count report split by Color and B&W?

I've been asked to use Lansweeper to create a monthly report showing how many B&W prints and how many color prints are being done for each copier in our business.  Lansweeper shows page counts, but I don't see any way to differentiate between b&w and...

Question: Using reports in a new way

Hello!To keep it short - I only have one question:What (custom) reports are you using in your IT department? And therefore why or for what are you using them?My company uses Lansweeper for several years now but I see that this software is a lot more ...

Stefan_B_ by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! AutoCAD licenses report.

Hi All.I have been trying to find a system that can give me a report to show who has AutoCAD installed and the serial number. The version that comes with it only seems to pick up a single PC although I know we have several others for both LT and full...

JW by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! Scan History - using case to evaluate scan success

I cut/pasted/modified a report to show recent scans done with the below report (which works):Select Top 1000000 tblScanHistory.ScanServer, tsysScanningMethods.ScanningMethod, tblAssets.AssetName, tblAssets.IPAddress, tblAssets.Domain, tblAssets....

Jeff_Henze by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! Chart: Counts of status based on IP location

Hello,I want to make a chart where I can see counts of status (Stock, Loan, ..) have in every country.Example of result:STOCK5 Belgium3 Germany...My query that I tried to make but I get counts of total from EMEA and not country (ip locations)Select T...

jmichiels by Engaged Sweeper III
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Resolved! Report - Computer Deploy not completed

Good morning,after a deployment of a package we should know what are the computers on which it was not possible to complete the operation, so as to restart again deploy or maintain it manually.How can you develop a report that you see this?We saw tha...

Resolved! User with more then 1 computer

Hello,I want make/have a query that show a list with user that have more then 1 computers as last logged in.In that way we can figure out who have still old computer or second computer which is not allowed for us.Does somebody have similar report or ...

jmichiels by Engaged Sweeper III
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