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Ticket Custom Field Report - Time Entry

Good Morning, I have a custom report that I have billed that captures our time tracking on tickets. We recently added a custom field to signal if its a billable item back to the department. When I try to modify the report to include the custom field ...

rcamron by Engaged Sweeper II
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Microsoft Office Version Audit Report

I am trying to run a report on Office versions and found a report here When I run the report all my computers show up multiple times, I am not great at SQL but I think it has to do wit...

Windows: Installed network printers (Built-in)

Added in v.6.0.100The report below lists Windows computers and any network printers that are installed on them.The report will only list assets that meet all of the following criteria:The computer's state is set to "active".The computer has been succ...

Nick_VDB by Champion Sweeper III
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Resolved! Duplicate Assets

I have about 900 Assets on site and am trying to create or modify the Warranty report to show the users full name not the login ID soon as i add tblADusers and check Displayname my Asset count jumps from 900 to 624078 Select Top (1000000) tsysAssetTy...

JZastow by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! SSD or HDD installed

Hi Forum!I need a report showing if the primary harddisk is a ssd type or a standard hdd. This is only importent for laptops where we want to install harddisk encryption.I tried the Report "Asset: Harddrive S.M.A.R.T. Status" but then I have to build...

lstejay by Engaged Sweeper
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