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Emailed HTML Report loses color when sent

I downloaded the Win 11 Hardware readiness report from Lansweeper. It shows a nice, color-coded table when the report is run. Red are failed devices and Green for devices that passed. I scheduled this report and emailed it, but the report contains no...

Lansweeper custom report - linking to a custom field

I am trying to create a custom report based on the snapshots report that will give me a list of the vm running on snapshots but will exclude those running on servers that store replica vms.  I have created a custom asset field called "Is Replica Host...

dtracey by Engaged Sweeper II
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Custom Server report

Good day,I've been trying to create a report that inventory my Server landscape and provide me with a quick oversight of my servers.I've managed to write a report and its almost where I want it however I want to dynamically add into based on what is ...

Serial numbers not shown in trial version?

I am testing with the trial version and the PC serial number is not populating in my scans. Is this because I am using the trial version?   Is the PC serial number serial included in any exports to excel / csv files? Thank you,   Jim R