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Help with new report

I am trying to create a new report. I keep having Invalid Select Statement. Unexpected token "." This is my first report I have ever created. I want to have all assets show Asset Name, Asset Type, State( Active or Non-Active), Asset Model, Asset Ser...

HDD Space over Time

Wondering if there is a report that may show hdd space usage over time, on a specified pc, in my case it would be a shared SMB in Windows Server.I have seen similar reports but they do not seem to track over time more than a month under Computer / Pe...

Homdax by Engaged Sweeper
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Not scanning Domain Admins group in German domain

The domain admins group in our German domain is named Domänen-Admins and i dont see it in Lansweeper. I get the domain admins in my english domains with no issues and it pulls the user from the domain users group which is named Domänen-BenutzerThank...

Default Word Save Folder

I found a report that searches the registry for default program locations. I tried to revise it so that it gives me the default folder for Saving to Word. In the Windows Registry, for Word 2016/365, the key is:Name: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Micro...

tjkalb by Engaged Sweeper II
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Auto Update Report

Hello,I have a Report that shows me which computers have an old version of our antivirus.I made a schedelud deployment to update these computers.But when a deployment ends succesfully on a computer, the scheduled deployment keeps trying install the u...

efriggen by Engaged Sweeper
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Show Report Results That Meet A Series of Requirements

I'm looking for some help limiting the results of the report I have created. My report is showing the status of whether or not certain applications are installed for each workstation in our environment. What I am looking to accomplish, is to limit ...

alidbeck by Engaged Sweeper II
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Resolved! How to add Table that's not compulsory

Hi all, New to LanSweeper.I've created a Asset Identification Report, and would like to include BIOS age of computers to the report.If I add/link tblBIOS to the report, the report now only shows PC (or assets that have a BIOS).Is there a way to add t...