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Clarification for report "Computer: Duplicate SID"

Hi all, I have launched this report that was already present in Lansweeper.The report listed 3 computers with the same SID, now, all 3 computers are in Active Directory and when I check in the Attribute Editor tab in AD, the SID shown are different f...

chart by Engaged Sweeper
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Can we get a Report on HP CVE-2023-5410?

Hi Guys, HP has another CVE on their list: CVE-2023-5410 -> CVE-2023-5410 : A potential security vulnerability has been reported in the system BIOS of certain HP PC products, which might allow mem ( Can we get a security insight report...

##ERROR: Cannot open report

I have one site , where the dashboard shows error for every report. In reports most of the reports say error.  This is one example , but the whole dashboard says the same.##ERROR: Cannot open report Scan issues: WMI access denied I migrated the lansw...

lansend by Engaged Sweeper
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Resolved! How to reset report info on Dashboard

Hello,On our dashboard screen we have the default layout. I've noticed that the reports (WMI Access, AV Out of date, OS out of date) seem to be static. After I've corrected an issue and waited 24 hours for the re-scan, the resolved assets are still c...

Chart: Windows 10 LTSB/LTSC dates of updates

I have created some chart reports.Source of data is Windows 1607 operating systems builds dates Select Top 1000000 Case SubString(tblAssets.oscode, 6, 5) + '.' + t...

Lansweeper Reports

Good Morning,I have a patch manager report (see attachment) i need to include the state of the Assets whither it  is active or non  active.I request if one could modify the attached report so I am to report on the state of the asset also.Thanks Regar...

jomfra by Engaged Sweeper
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