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Duplicate computers in Webcam query

You amazing guys helped me with this report before.https://www.lansweeper.com/forum/yaf_postsm64039_Webcam-report--the-wrong-way.aspx#post64039I have modified and added to it somewhat since then and whenever I run it, it now duplicates a pc, with the...

Tholmes by Engaged Sweeper III
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Virtual Guest machines report- Add guest OS

I am using the Virtual Guest Machines report copied from https://www.lansweeper.com/report/vmware-virtual-guest-machines/ I would like to add a field for the guest operating system if it is known but everything I've tried results in duplicate entries...

Saraee by Engaged Sweeper II
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Print Last OU instead of Full OU

When I add tblADComputers.OU into a report, it prints the entire OU. Is there a way to have it only print the lowest level OU?Ex:Instead of printing `OU=WebServers,OU=Servers,OU=Computers,DC=EXAMPLE,DC=COM`Just print `OU=WebServers`Or even just `Web...

Help Desk with Root Cause

I have seen this asked several times but never with a clear answer. How do we get the root cause displayed in a Help Desk report?What I need is the built in report Helpdesk: All tickets that have been created but add a column for root cause.Bonus po...

chogan201 by Engaged Sweeper III
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Report to show all tickets that aren't assigned?

I'm trying to find a report that will show me a list of all tickets that have been opened but not "picked up" yet. Any suggestions? I've tried this with no luck:Select Top 1000000 htblticket.ticketid As [Ticket Number], htblticket.date As [Date Op...

pryan67 by Champion Sweeper II
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Resolved! Uptime report ordering

But at the moment, it goes down the list for 1,12,13,14,2,20,23,24,3,30,34 etcWe wold like it to be sequential, like 1,2,3,10,12,14,19,20,21etc, I hope that makes senseHere is my code.Select Top 1000000 tsysAssetTypes.AssetTypeIcon10 As icon, tblAss...

Tholmes by Engaged Sweeper III
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